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We Didn't Know Anything Was Wrong...

Technical Difficulties

Twisted Hero (EP)

Love your Driveway (EP)

"Soiree" our a clip from the forthcoming 8 track 12"  "We Didn't Know Anything was Wrong" - shot at local underground sound lab Hangar on that wonderful medium called Super 8.  Thanks to Geoff for camera, dierction and editing work...


"I'm Awake" the second single from our debut album "Technical Difficulties".

The clip was edited by Richard Greenhalgh and produced by Richard and Stirling with amazing claymation by the wonderful Lizzy.

 "Twisted Hero"  this clip is for the only "radio friendly" track off the EP of the same name. 

Also directed and produced by Richard Greenhalgh  - the acting is impeccable (particularly from the mermaid) .

Shot in the Maroochy River and a friend's pool...