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We Didn't Know Anything Was Wrong...

Technical Difficulties

Twisted Hero (EP)

Love your Driveway (EP)


Indie trio SEAPLANE features the duelling guitars of Dale Peachey and Stirling Bartlam, with the most gifted Scott Brique on drums. Irregulars on the Brisbane indie scene, SEAPLANE's angular rock is a combination of catchy, obscure and/or intelligent songs and expansive instrumentals.

In their original lineup with Conwae Burrell on drums, Seaplane recorded their first EP "Love your Driveway" within the first 6 months of the bands inception. In March 2002 they launched their second EP "Twisted Hero" which presented a slicker and less improvised Seaplane.

Recordings for Seaplane's debut album "Technical Difficulties" commenced in the second half of 2004. They rapidly recorded 16 songs - with half of the album recorded live in one day. The album's eleven tracks reflect Seaplane's varied personal tastes and range from indie flavour of the title track, Technical Difficulties, rockin' riffs and snaking lead of I'm Awake, to the slowly building and atmospheric (Red Bones). The album also features four instrumentals that include the energy of Driving the Dynamite Truck to the blissful last track, Sleeping Injury. 

Recordings for their follow up release "We Didn't Know Anything Was Wrong" commenced in late 2006 and were completed as time and money allowed over 2007. Once recording was finished, the band enlisted the expertise of Brisbane indie legend Magoo to mix the album at Black Box and the tracks were subsequently mastered at Sterling Sound by Steve Fallone.

The release sat on the shelf for a year as the band consolidated after the departure of their longtime drummer and co-founding member Conwae Burrell in early 2008.  However Seaplane readily found a replacement drummer in Scott Brique, who is a multi instrumentalist with a serious punk and indie heritage in Brisbane.   

The time away from the public eye allowed work to be completed on two videoclips for the new release for the forthcoming singles "Soiree" and "Feather".  The Seaplane singles "Soiree" and "Feather" (and accompanying Soiree videclip) are available on our myspace site - www.myspace.com/seaplane

The viny LPl release "We Didn't Know Anything Was Wrong" featuring 8 new Seaplane tracks is out now on Roadside Furniture.  Click on the reviews page to see what people are thinking...